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The company that brought us Color, the photo sharing app for the iPhone, received $41 million in funding some time ago and we questioned if this was another sign of a tech bubble emerging. Color is essentially a photo sharing app that apparently got its launch all wrong. There’s another photo sharing app coming from Sweden called Pixamid that seems to work in a somewhat similar way to Color, but the approach is completely different and I could easily argue that it will most likely beat Color at its own game. Pixamid leverages the users’ existing accounts and builds on top of these – enabling smarter photo sharing. Pixamid is available for free in the App Store.

To use Pixamid, all you really need is a Facebook account. The app stores the photos you take and share with friends in private photo albums in your Facebook account. You’re also able to link your accounts from Foursquare, Instagram, Flickr and Picasa to pull in photos from certain events to your timeline.

Not only does the app help you share your photos, you’re also able to use its camera function to shoot them. Each photo you take gets automatically shared to your friends you want to share it with and again, they get stored in your private Facebook photo album.

The app revolves around events and locations (and your friends in those places at the same time). You’re able to add your photos to a certain event at a certain location. Locations can be pulled from Foursquare, but you’re also able to add your own. Events are collections of photos at those locations. Sharing is easy too – you add the people at the same location to the event in the app and they will automatically be shared with them.

Pixamid’s UI is a lot more intuitive than that of Color’s. There are no fancy icons to keep you puzzled, but straightforward ones that you’ve already seen elsewhere. The fact that the app also builds on other platforms is a great asset. There really isn’t the need to further fragment sharing of photos when the need is more of getting a complete picture of your photos from all the different platforms.

The app has been created by Cartomapic, the same company that brought out Mappr last year. Bart Denny, one of the gentlemen behind the company, stated that the feedback for the app was very good in SXSW where they launched app officially.