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Swedish Online Fit Solution Virtusize Pens Deal With ASOS

The problem of finding the right “fit” in online shopping is difficult but challenging. We haven’t covered Stockholm-based Virtusize yet, which is a shame because it’s an interesting solution to solving online fit. Rather than the robot-based solution we’ve covered with Estonia-based Fits.me, Virtusize offers a 2D measurement solution. Measuring a flat t-shirt with a tape measurer isn’t as cool as a robot, but they claim scales better and offers an easier solution for their customers.

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“The big difference that separates us is that we start with the garment rather than the body,” says Peder Stubert, co-founder of Virtusize. “It’s much more intuitive and clear for the consumer.”

They point that their 2D measurement solution is super flexible, for example a dog-clothing shop is using Virtusize. It’s a silly example but shows the flexibility offered by the platform. Today, they announce they’ve signed a deal with ASOS, the online retail giant.

The reasons for plugging into this technology are straightforward. By decreasing fit-related problems, Virtusize claims online retailers can decrease their fit-related returns by up to 50% in some cases.

The integration with ASOS works pretty simply. On the garments that are measured, users can click a fit visualizer button that pulls up Virtusize’s solution within the page. New users get a quick animation of how it all works, and then can upload their reference garments – by searching for an item they’ve already bought, or by measuring the dimension of a shirt or pants that already fit well.

Today they have 11 full time employees, and their solution is available on 30,000 garments at 23 retailers. One year ago they raised a seed round led by Öresund, a private investment firm that has also invested in Klarna.

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