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Swedish company Cartomapic has enabled location sharing inside Facebook groups (the new ones) with their mobile app Mappr. The company was founded earlier this year by Bart Denny, Jesper Särnesjö and Fredrik Bromee. Denny is the co-founder of Inspire Infrastructure (sold to Local.com in 2005), while Bromee is a server side java developer and Särnesjö is the first Spotify iPhone app developer.

On the Mappr app, Denny explains its roots, “since the start, we wanted to use the ideas of Groups in a check-in context, to offer different social dynamics than the standard Foursquare synchronous friendship model. Users can easily tag a place with a group during check-in, which signals that this is an interesting place for that group.”

Mappr integrates nicely with Foursquare. Users are able to checking to Foursquare locations while sharing this information into Facebook in the way they want to. You’re able to add locations through Mappr as well, so it works as a complete Foursquare app in that sense.

I tested out the app itself and things worked swiftly. Users are able to integrate it into their social media services such as Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, if you want to share some of your location based information only into a certain group on Facebook, you’re able to do this. It’s a lot like putting the user back in control of their data. When you think of it, many of the location based services don’t have very sophisticated privacy tools and Mappr helps with this.

So how does Cartomapic intend to make money with Mappr? They are looking to whitelabel the service and license it to media partners and brands. Mappr is able to give companies a way to showcase their local content and put this information into different communities.

Mappr is available in the App Store.

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