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Swedish FitTech startup raised 117 million and aims to spread solutions globally

Swedish tech company Volumental plans to expand globally after its latest successful financing campaign which raised SEK 117 million (€11.3 million). They are planning to make worrying about sizes for clothing and shoes a thing of the past.

Online shopping has made it very easy for all of us to buy clothing, shoes and pretty much everything else in a convenient way. But it is not without its own disadvantages. For one thing, you don’t get to try the clothes you are buying online to see if they fit. This usually tends to cause lots of returns, which is not only bad for business but also bad for the environment.

Volumental is an innovative company that aims to solve this problem with its FitTech solutions. Alper Aydemir, CEO and co-founder of Volumental, says that their vision is to stop their customers from worrying about sizes when shopping online.

Instead, they are trying to make it possible for everyone to scan themselves through their software and let the computer pick the size.

Volumental’s successful financing campaign and plans to move forward

Now the company is operating in Sweden as well as the United States and Australia. However, they want to grow and create effective solutions within their field for more people globally.

Lately, the company has completed a successful financing campaign and has managed to raise SEK 117 million (€11.3 million). With their new resources, they are now aiming to expand into global markets.

CNI was among the investors as well as the previous owners of the company, Moor, Forward, Walerud Ventures, and its current owners Backstage Invest and Abanico Invest.


Shoes first and then clothing next

The company was founded in 2012 by Caroline Walerud, Alper Aydemir, Miroslav Kobetski and Rasmus Brönnegård in an effort to

make picking sizes for online shopping easier. Right now, Volumental is providing its services for shoes with about 3000 stations located in several countries.

As it is growing globally, Volumental is also aiming to expand its services into clothing as well. Hopefully, in the future, we won’t have to worry about picking the right size for clothes and shoes.


Sena Konakci
Sena Konakci
A true free spirit, Sena (she/her) spent a substantial part of her life travelling the world and was working for successful startups in many different fields along with writing for local newspapers and magazines for over two decades. With a knack for detecting promising businesses and years of experience under her belt, Sena has decided to focus her attention on writing about startups. Aside from following the newest developments in the startup scene of the Nordic countries, she loves volunteering and camping in her spare time.

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