Swedish Entrepreneur Finds The Forest His Office

    The digital entrepreneurs we cover just need a laptop, electricity, internet, and a roof over their head. You hear about some people taking extended working vacations, maybe going to Thailand for a little bit to get some sun and some work done, but Thomas Backlund, a Swedish entrepreneur, has taken to the Swedish forest to work on his project, staying in a tent and connected to the rest of the world by 3G and portable solar panels.

    The world learned about his adventure about a month ago when he won the random chance to write something to The Listserve, where one person a day gets the chance to write something to it’s 23,000+ subscribers. There he wrote,

    I have no apartment, I have no job and I have no income.
    Still I’m exactly where I should be. I’m on my path. My gut feeling lets me know that.

    I’m not exiting to a normal life until my startup has taken off. This is my big adventure. I’m not coming back empty handed.

    Backlund is working on his startup called Blockie.io, a platform for coders that allows you to create tailored scalible back-ends easily. Rather than coding the backends, programmers can combine blocks of functionality. The back-ends will typically have a REST interface, according to his blogpost.

    Aside from reliable electricity, the reason why most entrepreneurs don’t live alone in the woods is because it pays to be in a city to have meetings and bump into people at events. But by doing something so radically different, and by the grace of ListServe’s attention, Backlund says on his blog he’s come into contact with good new connections for his project.

    His blog isn’t updated so regularly, and there’s enough mentioning of food poisoning that you almost worry about an Into The Wild situation. But I get it. With so much freedom afforded to you, why not take off to the forest?

    Top image taken from Backlund’s blog