Swedish Dog Watching Service Tasspass Picks Up Seed Investment

    When we got a press release about an investment into a Swedish dog watching and boarding service, I had a little of a “oh, those Swedes” reaction, but perhaps unfairly. Whenever I think about pets and the internet, I’m reminded about the spectacular demise of Pets.com, but dog watching is a legitimate problem that today’s yuppies have to deal with. Hell, I want a dog, but I travel and work too much to have a dog that will remember me when I get home. But by now I’m trained to look for solutions to my problems on the internet, and if I can find the right place to look after my pet, then I don’t have to inconvenience my friends every time I hop out of town.

    The site we’re talking about here is Tasspass, a community dog watching marketplace launched a few months ago. They connect dog owners with local dog boarding businesses and dog sitters, and additionally include dog walking and other services. They seem to be gaining some traction. A quick search for stockholm provided more individual and professional dog sitters than I expected, giving dog owners plenty of options.

    They’ve now received an undisclosed amount of seed funding as Jimmy Lundström of Ascendico and founder of RefinedWiki joins the board.

    “The value of an online booking service for dog watching services is evident for dog owners around the country. In a few months, the company has demonstrated an ability to quickly scale their services. There is a functioning and sustainable business model in place right from the start, and Tasspass has great potential to grow further,” says Jimmy Lundström in the press release.