Swedish digital horse journal PreVet raises 15 million crowns

Uppsala-based horsetech PreVet, which is developing a digital horse journal, has raised 15 million Swedish crowns from Almi Invest, private investors and existing owners for expansion, both in Sweden and internationally.

The problem PreVet is solving is simple: information and documentation about a horse’s care, vaccinations and veterinary visits are scattered in different places and often written manually. This leads to a lack of documentation and communication, which in turn causes inefficient care, high costs for horse owners and insurance companies and inaccessible history for new owners.

PreVet’s app helps the owner to have control over everything related to the horse, from vaccinations to lameness. It serves as a tool for communication between horse owners and veterinarians, but also between the grooms, fellow riders and farriers who are involved in the life of the horse and the horse owner.

The use of PreVet will reduce the cost for horse owners and insurance companies by ensuring that the horse has received the right care and been taken care of in the best way.

“PreVet’s app is the first on the market in an industry that is being digitized,” said Pär Lagerström, Investment Manager at Almi Invest.

“Horsetech is a large market internationally and here PreVet is well-positioned to succeed in the growing industry for digital solutions for pets, he said.

Based on collaborations with insurance companies and veterinarians, it has emerged that the market and the need for the potential is even greater for similar apps for dogs and cats.

Photo by Filip Eliasson on Unsplash