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Swedish Designers Take Sharing Economy One Step Beyond

Sustainable fashion has been a trend for a while, but now a group if Swedish designers are adding a rapid sharing system to it.

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On Wednesday they launched globally ShareWear collection from which fashion-sharers can borrow pieces for free – but only if they share the items forward after using them for a week.

Initial ShareWear collection is co-created by Sweden’s foremost fashion designers, aiming to make ready-to-share the new ready-to-wear. The first items in the collection have been created by fashions brands like Filippa K, Hope, House of Dagmar, NIKOLAJ d’ETOILES, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Weekday and Whyred.

The ShareWear collection will be uploaded to Instagram and the first user to comment on the photo of an item is eligible to borrow it for a week. When the week is over, the user shares the item forward by uploading a photo on Instagram and the first person to comment gets to borrow the item the following week.

The collection is launched initially in 12 countries (Nordics, big European markets, Russia, China and the United States), but as commenting people could be from anywhere it will expand to cover the globe in a week.

People are also encouraged to contribute to the ShareWear movement by sharing their own clothes using the hashtag #sharewear.

“Each year millions of tons of textiles are thrown away in Sweden and other countries around the world, even though almost all of it could be recycled, donated or repurposed. The ShareWear collection aims to raise awareness in the industry of this issue while also offering an alternative solution,” Sofia Kinberg, Global Marketing Director at Visit Sweden, said in a statement.

VisitSweden and the Swedish Institute – who both work on promoting Sweden globally – are the initiators of ShareWear.

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