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Sweden's Promobucket Makes Sharing Visual Assets Easy

When you’re working heavily with visual files, sometimes amazing utilities like Dropbox or Box aren’t all they could be. Visual files display a lot of information by being visual, and problems can arise because they’re heavy. If you’re sending heavy visual files to a client by sharing through Dropbox, It’s not impossible that your recipient needs to pay for a pro account to have the space to receive the files. And in general these competing file storage and sharing services are targeting every type of file, potentially forgoing features that really add value to people primarily sharing visual content.

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Enter Västerås, Sweden-based Promobucket, which is focusing on helping companies and individuals share visual content: anything from .PSDs to .PNGs to .PDFs. We’ve covered the company in the past, but they’ve just redesigned the service, taking away features and getting down to their core product: making it easy to store and share visual assets, a move they say has really helped increase traction.

“Visual files have a couple of characteristics that demand special treatment. Usually they’re much heavier, and they’re always going somewhere – they never stay on one computer,” says Johan Tervald, Marketing Director of Promobucket. “The cracks in todays systems start to appear as soon as many users need to access large amounts of visual material.”

The first thing you’ll notice about Promobucket is how users can brand their file storage and login however they want, providing a higher quality experience for your clients and partners. Previews are big and beautiful, tagging helps users find related assets, and additionally Promobucket allows you to be notified whenever a file has been downloaded.

So if you’re a creative type that’s sending over a finished product to a client, Promobucket provides a nice, clean alternative to a Dropbox dump, or a .zip ending up in an inbox. Instead everything is presented nicely and well managed.

Right now Tervald says they’re seeing good traction with customers all over in the SME space with visual assets that need to be sent around, such as architects, designers, resorts, and people in the fashion industry.

Promobucket is running with the freemium model, giving you 2GB for free, and then charging by both the number of users you need, and the amount of space. For instance, the free three users and 50GB of storage runs $25 a month, while bumping your plan up to 10 users charges $50 more a month. The easiest way to figure out the pricing is to log in yourself, but it’s worthwhile considering it’s a nicely designed DIY digital asset management platform.

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