Sweden’s HR startup Preactly raises 1.5 mln crowns

Preactly, which offers digital work environment tools to support employers and employees, has raised 1.5 million Swedish crowns from Almi Invest and private investors to speed up its launch and ensure continued development capacity for partnerships.

Most employers see their employees as their most important success factor, but when it gets busy, other than strategic health promotion work is often prioritized.  Preactly’s digital work environment tool offers an online solution, providing feedback and insights on what works and how it affects staff.

“More and more companies are focusing on work environment issues in the wake of the pandemic and are demanding modern tools,” said Henrik Larsson, Investment Manager at Almi Invest.

The system is managed via a web application and is divided into several modules, where half is about work environment and half about leisure and lifestyle.

“There are still many companies that have not started ongoing work on these issues because they feel that it is too big a process to implement something new. With our tool, it is easy to get started and it gives immediate, actionable results, showing measurable effects of the efforts,” said Jeanette Köster, CEO of Preactly.