Surveypal picks up $1 million investment

    Surveypal announces they’ve picked up a $1 million (€944,000) extended seed investment from Vendeep Startup Fund, Finnvera Venture Capital, and Ari Korhonen to pump into North America focused sales and marketing through their recently opened San Francisco office.

    Surveypal does what it says on the box – they allow you to make surveys. But their differentiating factor is their enterprise focus. Surveypal’s main value is allowing companies to plug in professional looking online surveys at different phases of a customer lifecycle, so that they can track over time how they are doing with customers and nip problems at the bud.

    We would think there would be difficulty gaining a foothold in the market given the amount of free and paid competitors out there, but Surveypal has managed to pick up 600 enterprise customers including IKEA, Deloitte, Roche, Reader’s Digest and PwC. Since founding in 2011, the company has picked up more than 12 million survey responses.

    We’ve used Surveypal ourselves, and found the surveys look good on any platform. We used it for just a one-off case, but if you were to plug it in to your customer flow their dashboard would allow you to make data-driven decisions at a glance – something a lot easier than digging through a Google Forms spreadsheet of responses and data.

    “Enterprises are frustrated with traditional online surveys that are not optimized for mobile devices with little to no visibility into customers’ feedback history,” said Samuli Zetterberg, CEO and Founder, Surveypal. “Surveypal has enjoyed tremendous success in Europe, and we look forward to expanding into North America with an elegant online survey solution that is mobile and cross-device optimized with automated feedback synched to companies’ existing CRM systems and processes.”