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The Finnish gaming company Supercell, that launched the hugely successful game Gunshine.net earlier this year is working on their next release, Pets vs Orcs. They have stated this in their blog in the beginning of November.

I talked to Ilkka Paananen, CEO of Supercell, in late August and back then he told me they’re working on a new release. While he did not release any specific details back then he did tell that the game would appeal to a wider audience and most importantly, women. The fact is that, women in their 40s are in many ways the largest single group of people playing social games. Furthermore, they’ve learned to spend their money online – which is good for companies like Supercell.

We had a quick talk with Paananen about the upcoming game. He disclosed that the company is actually working on multiple games at the moment and the company will introduce a new game next week as well. According to Paananen the games will be released in Q1 of 2012. More interestingly, these titles will also appear first on the mobile and tablet platforms instead of the traditional desktop computer.

Paananen also told us that they’ve carried out quite extensive studies to further understand the mentality of gamers and how to design better games. “For us, ‘social’ means that users are actually playing with each other, instead of just sending resources back and forth. We fundamentally believe that if users can play with each other in a richer social context, they will start to make new friends via the game, and in the end it is these new friendships that become the primary reason for the users to return to the game. In fact, based on the research we have done on the behavior of Gunshine.net users, these new social ties made via the game become more important than the game itself.”

The first new game announced, Pets vs. Orcs, has attracted quite a following already, some 3000 people on Facebook have liked the game’s Facebook page, where Supercell keeps dropping interesting content regarding the game. Towards the end of the post we’ve shared a few images from the Facebook page.

Supercell has also bought petsvsorcs.net, keeping in line with their .net TLDs. The domain holds nothing, but a basic GoDaddy landing page at the moment. However, I think we can expect some sort of a teaser site to come up in a couple of weeks time.

Supercell shows no signs of slowing down its growth. The company has opened an office in Kajaani, a remote town in Central Finland. This might seem like an odd management decision to make, but the truth is that Kajaani holds one of the few schools in Finland that teach game design. They’ve also got positions open in Kajaani, as can be seen in this advert in GigsInGames.

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