Supercell looks for a hat-trick with launch of Boom Beach

    Helsinki game giant Supercell flipped the switch and now their fourth title, Boom Beach, is out on iOS. An Android version is expected by the press, but at this time it’s unsure if Supercell has confirmed it. Supercell famously exited a 51% stake in their company to GungHo And Softbank for $1.5 Billion last October.

    Supercell’s moneymakers these days are Clash of Clans and Hay Day, which are rumored to be bringing in $5.15 million a day, if you believe someone who hacked into their tracking dashboard. Supercell’s first title was, a Facebook game that saw decent success, but was shuttered as Supercell moved to their iPad-first strategy.

    Boom Beach employs familiar mechanics to their other hit, Clash of Clans. Your island hideaway needs defenses, which take time to build up, and of course can be sped up with cash money. Once you feel properly secured, you can also go on the attack to other islands rescue local islanders.

    Is Supercell pushing their luck? What will be interesting to watch is how Boom Beach impacts their already top grossing app on the App Store, Clash of Clans. This title has been out since August of 2012, so players could be looking for new land to build an empire in a similar war-like environment.

    Looking at monetization, in Boom Beach players have to maximize efficiency of four production queues – first Gold and Wood in the beginning of the game, and later Stone and Iron are introduced. Clash of Clans in comparison just has players juggle two resources. With more resources comes more complexity (and needs to spend money) which could successfully target big spenders better.

    With these resources, payers have plenty of defense and attack items to spend their in-game resources (and therefore real money) on. A deeper look at Boom Beach’s monetization strategy can be found here.

    I’m only a few attacks into Boom Beach, so I’ll let you know how it goes. At time of publishing Boom Beach is 180 in the U.S. download ranks. We’ll see how it climbs the Top Grossing ranks after players start competing against their friends.