Supercell: €672M Revenues, New Game Next Month, 140 Employees

    Gotta love Finland, as even private companies publish their financials yearly and we get a sneak peak at how Supercell is doing. It is no doubt that they were making a lot of money, especially with some guesses thanks to the recent hack.

    However now we can know for sure. The company made a turnover of €672 million, of which €349 is pure profit, leaving €260 million for taxes in Finland. All that with just two games, which are still going strong after a year and a half on the market.

    Supercell also mentioned that they will keep their presence in Finland strong and the HQ will stay here. However they are not going to stop here and are announcing a global launch of Boom Beach, their next game, already next month.

    The upcoming game is very much like Clash of Clans, but has a few key differences to it, such as the attacking process. The graphics and the feel of the game still stays true to Supercell’s previous games. Knowing that Supercell have failed many games in the test markets, the fact that this game is going to be launched globally should mean that they have very good retention and user numbers in the Canadian test market. Speaking about the previous games, Supercell commented that users return to Clash of Clans and Hay Day nine times per day on average.

    The growth is not just in profits but also in numbers, although still relatively small, the Supercell team has grown to 140 people since about 70 the last time we checked.

    When comparing Supercell to other companies, then they are stepping on the toes of EA and even Finnair. However it is the margin that is important here, which is virtually unattainable for many companies.

    We are happy to see the company grow and to focus on their long term vision. As Ilkka Paananen said: “We want to build a company that will last decades. This is our dream”