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Just a couple of weeks ago we wrote that Supercell would be announcing multiple new games in early 2012. Well, one of them will be Battle Buddies, and will be available for tablets in the first half of 2012. Supercell’s first game, Gunshine.net focused on bringing the experience of social, real-time multiplayer gaming to as many people as possible. Since then, the Helsinki, Finland based company has proved the concept works and raised north of 10 million USD from Accel Partners and others.

I had a chance to talk to Supercell earlier this week about their plans and got a sneak preview of Battle Buddies. After about 20 seconds into the pitch and demo – I was sold. This is going to be one cool game. The story is that you’ll be developing a group of cartoonish “battle buddies” that engage in small battles with an opposing team in small, confined spaces.

Each player controls the whole team and can develop the guns and other inventory the buddies hold to get more leverage in future fights.

The game may not sound very attractive by such a simple pitch and I agree, but you’ll have to see it first. It has been inspired by games such as Laser Squad and X-COM: UFO Defense. The key takeaway here is that Battle Buddies is turn based and extremely attractive in small pieces, meaning it will be easy to dive into for a minute or two and continue with what you were doing.

Naturally, following the learning from Gunshine.net, Supercell will release the game free of charge. The business model is in selling in-game items to develop and train your characters further. The game play is aimed to be a lot more relaxed and also appeal to larger crowds due to its look and feel. Expect this to be a huge hit when it comes out.

Supercell is a part of the Vigo network of accelerators under Lifeline Ventures. Below are a few images giving on idea what it will look and feel like.

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