Sumoing Launches Repix On iOS To Add Artistic Touches Your Photos

    All the cool kids are editing their photos with Instagram filters and whatnot, but there’s definitely room in the smartphone photo editing space more than the ‘Amaro’ photo filter. Helsinki-based Sumoing (creators of Sumopaint) has released Repix, a new app that lets users iPhone and iPad users select a photo and edit it more ‘artistic’ filters than your standard app.

    The app is free to download, and brushes offered by the app include Cartoonize, Silk, Dotter, Edger and Posterize. Other, perhaps cooler brushes like “Van Gogh” run in packs of four that cost €1.79. I, myself, am not a huge fan of “drip” paintbrushes and lens flares, but I’m likely not their target audience. Regardless it’s definitely fun to paint around and go crazy with pictures with your finger.

    A feature I haven’t seen in a photo app (but perhaps I need to educate myself) is the ability to upload photos from your Facebook, to give that new artsy take onto your favorite profile pictures.

    “With Repix, we wanted to go far beyond the normal kinds of photo editing apps”, says Ilkka Teppo, CEO and founder of Sumoing. “Photo editing is an incredibly competitive market but we firmly believe we offer something totally new and different. Repix inspires creativity in people and allows them to produce something totally unique that they are proud to share with the world.”

    The following video shows more styles they offer. The app can be downloaded for free.