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Summer, Startups And BBQ – Summer Of Startups New Batch

Finland is notorious for having very long vacations during the summer. Last year, even the Metro was shutdown for a month. The startup spirit, however, remains unbroken and entrepreneurs are working full-time even during the summer. Especially with Summer Of Startups, a two month startup acceleration program by Aaltoes starting their fourth batch on the 7th of June.

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The program provides a 5 000 EUR grant and access to a network of seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals. You might remember Catchbox, Healthpuzzle and Netmedi, all of which were started at Summer of Startups.

This years batch includes:

Cosmethics – A mobile app that will accumulate information on ingredients of cosmetic products. You will finally know what it is you spray you hair with. It would be great if they expanded this to other industries such as foods though.

ShopperApp – Some sort of a localization app that lets you find the best offers from local shops.

Team PLS – Games company, focusing on mobile puzzle games. Hopefully something like “The Room”.

Viima – “A project management tool for software developers.” We hope that their hook was a little bit more specific in their application and that it is in fact so good that they simply could not reveal it just yet.

Scandinavian Health Standards – Something about health, indoor environments and analytics. Maybe even a dashboard.

Vaihtorinki – Employee leasing. Enuff said.

Skibb – “Problem breakdown application.” We really have no idea how to decipher this one.

CuratedBy – There are millions of artists out there, this tool aims to help you the ones that are right for your taste. (We guess that this is not just musical)

Want It Real – Helps you find new cool designs for clothes, office furniture and other items.

Venuu – Yet another Hotel finding solution. They will niche out by find the most exciting ones for you and ignoring the boring business hotels.

Best of luck to all the teams on behalf of ArcticStartup. Oh and if you are ever hungry on Wednesdays, the program will have a free BBQ for anyone interested every Wednesday starting the 13th of June. Summer of Startups and the BBQ will be held at Startup Sauna.

Top Image Courtesy Of Shutterstock / Summer Work

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