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We’ve been looking closely at the startup scene in the Nordics and Baltics for the last two and a half years and I have to say, the amount of events on the market these days is very attractive. There are a lot of different kind of events and I’m sure there’s something for everyone. While these events have their own functions and drive their own agendas, there’s no getting round it – they’re great fun and will surely improve your business if not by any other means than at least by networking with the other visitors there.

We’re a big fan of startup events and are proud to announce that we’ll be hosting another three ArcticEvenings in the coming months in Helsinki, Tallinn and Stockholm. We haven’t confirmed any of the dates yet, but will do so in the coming weeks. We’ll announce them here, but you can also keep an eye on our ArcticEvening page just in case. Of course there are a ton of other events to keep in mind, here’s our summary of events not to miss. Be sure to add your own events in the comments below or in ArcticIndex events listing (it’s free, by the way).

Other noteworthy events that are organised in the Nordics and Baltics:

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