Despite creating more clutter with yet another trend post for this year, I think it’s worth looking back at some of the most read stories and biggest trends we’ve covered this year on ArcticStartup. Some of the most read stories are around Rovio, Nokia and Valkee. The most read stories this year were 7 Ways Nokia Can Win Again as well as Oh, Noes! Not Another Ex-Insiders Thoughts On Nokia! (Part I). Both of the stories received a lot of traffic from Finnish national press and thus were clearly the most visited stories in terms of page view.

However, while it can be argued that the most read stories are not the most interesting – it is a good way to see what kind of stories have attracted eye balls on ArcticStartup. After the Nokia stories, comes our teaser about the new PC Version by Rovio, followed by the actual announcement on the day after – Rovio Announces Bad Piggy Bank, PC Version Of Angry Birds And 50 Million Downloads.

After the bigger and more popular names, our article Your Product Needs A Soul, attracted a nice and steady flow of visitors. Earlier last year in January we also broke the news about Floobs Filing For Bankruptcy.

In general, having gone through our published stories this year – I can say that they mostly roll around three major categories; internationalisation of startups, launching of new funds and the change of attitudes towards the Finnish innovation system.

Even though Spotify hasn’t still launched in the US, which most people are probably expected to happen this year, VideoPlaza has done a whole lot in Europe this year. They’ve managed to sign a wide range of new clients and also announced the move of their head office to London earlier this month. Fortumo has also been a bright spot among our stories as they’ve expanded into numerous countries this year and are definitely turning over some serious amounts of money.

Something that has been accepted with open arms, from many entrepreneurs for sure, is the opening and arrival of new early stage funds. In May, Conor announced a 46,5 million euro fund for early stage technology. Later this year HackFwd announced their arrival to the Nordics with the organisation signing Ville Miettinen as one of their referrers. We also covered the arrival of Atomico, the investment company by Niklas Zennström and co, in a two part video interview (part 1 and part 2).

Finally, it seems that the general attitudes towards the functioning of the Finnish innovation system are changing. One of the most acknowledged Finnish speakers about entrepreneurship, Risto Siilasmaa, stated in November that direct Finnish Government Investments to startups should be stopped. Our post on the requirement for redesign in the Finnish innovation system also received a lot of likes on Facebook.

All in all, a lot has changed in a year – here’s to making 2011 more prosperous and better in many ways than 2010. We wist to thank all our readers and community members, not to forget the sponsors and advertisers in our events for making 2010 a fantastic year. We’ll be announcing some very interesting things in January, which will surely make 2011 another interesting year.

Have a great new year and see you in 2011!

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