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Sulake Corporation logoSulake has just announced that will initiate negotiations to lay off up to 20% of its workforce in Helsinki. Sulake is the Finnish company behind the successful teenage web service Habbo Hotel. Just yesterday we wrote that they have managed to create a one million euro profit with their 50 million euro revenue.

I actually talked about this yesterday with some net savy entrepreneurs and we all had only one question in mind. Where does the 50 million euros go to when you’re operating an internet service? A Finnish entrepreneur, of French origin, Ramine Darabiha did a very non-scientific analysis into this in his blog post last March. It may not seem a big thing, but once you break the numbers down – a lot of money is going somewhere.

Sulake employees have also tweeted about the layoffs. Sad to hear things are heading this way, but if there is effciency to be gained it’s somewhat understandable, although layoffs are never a nice thing in the first place.

Update (15.02 EET, 6.10.2009): According to Kauppalehti, the layoffs will account for 40 people. Worldwide, Sulake employes some 300 people so the layoffs are dramatic.

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