Sulake has today announced their figures for fiscal year 2010, as well as some changes to their ownership of online properties. In 2010, Sulake turned over 56,2 million euros, which is over 20% more than in 2009. EBITDA for 2010 was at 5,4 million euros profit for the year was at 1,6 million euros. In addition to announcing their financials, Sulake has stated that they have today sold IRC-Gallery to Somia Reality Oy, which is run by a few former IRC-Gallery employees and funded by Lifeline Ventures and a few individual investors.

Sulake has now users from 150 countries and the service is available in 11 different languages. Over 11 million unique visitors spend monthly about 45 million hours in the service. Overall, there are 200 million registered characters to date.

β€œ2010 was a record year for Habbo Hotel in many ways. Not only did we celebrate our 10 year anniversary, but our user base, sales and profitability continued to increase,” commented Timo Soininen, CEO of Sulake. β€œThe growth was a result of several successful new product features and improvements, like new virtual pets, marketplace tools for virtual item trading, an all new Habbo Club experience and the launch of user customized games.”

Perhaps more interestingly, Sulake sold IRC-Gallery, which for years was the most successful social network in Finland before Facebook took the country by storm. Sulake acquired the company in 2008 for 12,5 million euros.

Today, according to (in Finnish), IRC-Gallery has some 300 000 users between the ages 15-24. Monthly, 6000 to 8000 new users are joining the service. IRC-Gallery’s new CEO, Ville Mujunen has stated they are enthusiastic about the new possibilities. They’ll also be planning to bring a completely new product to the market in the future.

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