Successful And Buzzing ArcticEvening

    We had a fantastic ArcticEvening last night at Dubrovnik in Helsinki and I want to thank everybody who were able to arrive and enjoy the evening with us. Special thanks to Peter Robinett who came all the way from Amsterdam to share his insights on the local startup scene in Amsterdam and in Silicon Valley. Also thanks for our sponsor Technopolis Ventures who made the evening possible.

    Based on what I saw last night in Helsinki and heard about the other corners of Nordic and Baltic countries the Arctic scene is very much happening. It is great to see that regardless of the tougher times for the global economy and Jason Calacanis’ darker prediction on things to come, the enthusiasm and spirit is high in the Arctic latitudes.

    As Jason says, “Great entrepreneurs build value and market-share in down markets. They go to work seven days a week and breakout when other folks check out.” Last night showed that this is certainly the case in Helsinki. We are very proud of the entrepreneurs, startups and all the high spirited people in Finland -You made our night. Thank you!

    Photo by Teppo Kotirinta