Submarine Cable Between Iceland And Denmark To Make Icelandic Data Storage More Attractive

    Iceland is getting hooked up to Denmark with an upgraded submarine cable connection, which promises faster speeds and greater redundency. Iceland has been growing as an attractive location for datacenters in recent years. The island is conveniently located between Europe and the North America, and is able take advantage of geothermal energy for renewable energy, as well as its icy weather for cheap server cooling costs. In 2011 the Icelandic government has made the region even more attractive to data centers by giving VAT exclusions.

    Data centers in the region include the likes of Greenqloud and Verene Global.

    New submarine cables are being laid all the time, as evidenced by this awesome map. Last year we also covered a cable laid between Iceland and North America with the goal of reducing latency between NY and London for trading.

    This operation between Iceland and Denmark has been managed by Ciena and Farice, who have partnered to upgrade the DANICE submarine cable to four fiber pairs. This is a significant upgrade giving the DANICE network a maximum capacity of 35.2 Tb/s, compared to its current total capacity of 8.8 Tb/s.

    The upgrade is due to be operational in early 2013.