Strong Swedish Focus In The European Commission's Tech Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards

    The Next Web’s conference is kicking off, and with it is the European Commission’s Tech Entrepreneur of the Year Award. What’s noticible is the number of Nordic entrepreneurs up there on the list, especially Swedish entrepreneurs, who grabbed three out of the ten spots. Finland also makes an appearance through Rovio, naturally.

    The list can be found here, but here’s the copy-paste:

    European Tech Entrepreneurs of the Year:

    Sebastian Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Victor Jacobsson, Niklas Adalberth of Klarna (Stockholm)

    Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss of Soundcloud (Swedish entrepreneurs in Berlin, so we’ll take credit)

    Mikael Hed and Niklas Hed of Rovio (Helsinki)

    Michael Acton Smith of Mind Candy (London)

    Jens Begemann of Wooga (Berlin)

    Young European Tech Entrepreneur of the Year (30 and under)

    Daniel Ek of Spotify (Stockholm)

    Hiroki Takeuchi, Matt Robinson of GoCardless (London)

    Christian Reber of 6Wunderkinder (Berlin)

    Daniel Marhely of Deezer (Paris)

    Jon Reynolds of SwiftKey (London)

    The actual winner will be announced tonight at 19:45 CET. Who else should be up on the list? Let us know in the comments.