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The new Microsoft Teams app is launched with the partnership of Swedish EdTech Storyals and Dutch tech innovator

Stockholm-based EdTech company Storyals cooperates with Dutch tech firm WorkplaceBuddy to work on a new version of the Microsoft Teams app to open a new window into corporate training. With AI boost, they will renovate the app to be able to provide a unique e-learning experience to the users, especially in the corporate world.

With the help of this partnership, they can build a cost-efficient and easy-to-use platform. The app is designed full of interactive features such as chatbots, virtual coaches, etc. Additionally, the courses are powered by storytelling that enables them to optimize understanding and learning.

Storyals and WorkplaceBuddy in new partnership – revolutionizes digital upskilling with new AI-driven training app

Swedish EdTech pioneer Storyals and Dutch tech innovator WorkplaceBuddy are launching a new partnership. Together, they aim to revolutionize how organizations work with skills development and upskilling for the digital workplace.

Together, they launch a new Microsoft Teams app with innovative AI technology, leading expertise in digital learning and a unique range of courses. This cutting-edge training product offers organizations a plug-and-play solution, in order to cost-effectively and easily develop skills in digital tools and Microsoft 365.

A collaboration that turns digital education upside down

Continuous digital competence development of staff is today a must in all organizations. The technology and the way we work is constantly changing and in the last two years the pandemic has driven that development further. Requirements for digital competence are now also a matter of course when companies hire new employees.

storyals, workplacebuddy“With Storyals WorkplaceBuddy we are revolutionizing corporate training. By combining the speed and scalability of technology, with the connectivity and energy from human engagement, we can provide organizations with a training solution that is perfect for today’s digital workplace.” said Ulrika HedlundCEO & Founder of Storyals

Storyals and WorkplaceBuddy share a passion for learning and new technology, and the collaboration has already resulted in new exciting opportunities and innovations. The new Teams app, simply called Storyals WorkplaceBuddy, is out first!

Storyals WorkplaceBuddy provides organizations with: 

•  Plug-and-play Teams app to continuously train employees for the digital workplace.

•  Unlimited & on-demand access to Storyals’ story-based training courses and Microsoft Learning Pathways.

•  Virtual trainer for employees with unlimited productivity questions & answers.

•  Extra support by a real-life Productivity Coach.

•  Option to book 1-1 online productivity coaching.

Digital competence development for the entire organization with modern chatbot technology

This innovative product combines the best of e-learning, chatbot technology and productivity coaching into a modern and engaging learning experience available directly in Microsoft Teams. Storyals WorkplaceBuddy is developed for companies that want a simple and efficient way to provide staff with continuous competence development in digital working methods and tools.

storyals, workplacebuddy“This partnership enables workforces worldwide to create more digital success – in Teams, in their flow of work. Using this #Teams app is an intuitive way of creating #digitalskills for anyone, in any organization” commented Sjoerd Koolen, CEO & Co-founder of WorkplaceBuddy

The Teams app is based on modern chatbot and AI technology, and is available on-demand from various digital devices. It provides users with a virtual coach who provides recommendations on relevant courses from Storyals and Microsoft Learning Pathways, based on user questions. Storyal’s courses are based on real scenarios and storytelling to optimize understanding and learning. Users can ask an unlimited number of productivity-related questions to the virtual coach and if they do not receive a direct answer, the question is forwarded to a real productivity coach. Via Storyals WorkplaceBuddy, you can also book individual productivity coaching online.

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