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We’ve covered Kristoffer Lawson’s Travelling Salesman tour here on ArcticStartup towards the end of last year, as he drove more than 13500 kilometres around the Nordics to find startups and network with them. He started off in Helsinki in October, drove through to Norway, visited Denmark, took the boat to Iceland and on his way back came through Sweden back to Finland again in December. I sat down with him and shot a video about some of the stories and incidents he came across. Also, it’s worth while to note that the Nordics still are a very fragmented area in terms of growth companies.

In the video he explains how one incubator CEO was protecting their startups from the media, while places such as Iceland are full of software and web application startups. The common concern he had though, was the thought that most companies still want to do European or Nordic versions of American concepts. Startups lack the world class ambition.

The video is shown without the questions, but it’s easy to follow. At some points, we’ve added questions to help understand the discussion.

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