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Stockholm Startup Day brings together over 1000 to share contacts, knowlege

Those words from Cristina Reisen of Evernote give the tone of what the Stockholm Startup Day 2015 was all about. If I have found a constant on this event, it was the fact that the Startups there were, at first, willing to share their secret sauce to the Stockholm crowd, but furthermore, their vision on how to succeed on the long term.

Over a thousand people were present in Stockholm for SUD – An impressive number for a Saturday conference even though they gathered the hottest startups from Sweden as well as international speakers from Evernote, Miss possible, and others. Investors from the region and Silicon Valley and young entrepreneurs hoping to be the next ones on stage in the coming years.

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That’s what happens during the Startup Day – Pranav Kosuri, the co-founder of Shortcut Labs, explained to us how he always was on the rear row of the audience since 2005, and how he was dreaming about speaking to the crowd one day. The path to get up there? Running up on stage and grabbing the microphone was one idea, but in order to be invited back he explained he got up there simply simply by working hard and taking risks.

The startup pitching and investor panels gave us an insight view of these new ideas. I keep in mind the pitch of Gleechi and his introduction on why the Simpsons have only four fingers, presenting us the solution to implement realistic hands in animation movies and video-games. Or Workaround, the future AirBnB of office renting. Happytail introduced us a network for dog owners that will allow dog owners (and lovers) to interact together, share photos, know where your friends are walking and why not in the future offer dog-sitting services.

But the Startup Day is not only about speakers and workshops. It is also a great place to network! Of the thousand attendees present, you feel in a “family” and everyone is warmly welcoming you, sharing ideas, visions, and advices. Smile was the word of the day, and if you want to start your own company, I recommend you to walk in the alleys of Stockholm Startup day next year.

Caroline Walerud from Volumental reminds us that the road to success is a more complex road than what it seems. That sometimes, even the greatest idea is not necessary a straight line to an exit, a big bank account and endless holidays on the Bahamas, but that motivation, work, and a touch of taste for adventure is the key. Those inspirational moments were an important part of this one day event and by looking to the crowd, listening almost religiously the words from the speakers, you felt that this spirit will be found in the next generation of entrepreneurs.

From this next generation of entrepreneurs, Martina Elm from Confetti warmed the crowd with her incredible attitude, her story behind Confetti (and her picture of her trying to know how to put a cable on her computer to connect it to WIFI) and her laugh ended this conference day with the most inspirational words possible: “remember to have the time of your life!” And finally, isn’t that it all about: Having the time of your life?

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