Stockholm-based invoicing platform Billogram closes $45 million round

 Swedish invoicing platform Billogram has secured a $45 million investment from Partech.  

Founded in 2011 the company initially started as a service to digitize invoices, the product has now evolved into a software platform working to improve customer relationships, automating processes leading to lower costs, higher revenues and reduced churn.

“Demand for our product is larger than ever, and as we move into the vast international market, our success will come down to proper execution.”  says Carl Lindberg

With this new injection, Billogram is set to double its workforce and expand into Norway, Finland, Ireland, France, Spain, and Italy.

“The Partech motto is “think bold, move fast, and be fair,” and this is something that genuinely resonates with Billogram’s beliefs and inspires our approach to international growth,”

Jonas Suijkerbuijk, CEO