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Stixy logoStixy is a Karlhamn, Sweden based startup that has created an online version of the stickyboard. The service at first is a bit hard to grasp as the website reminds of a board in use itself. However, after a few minutes of looking around I came up with at least a few things how this tool could be used – with only one question in mind, is it better and easier than using simple post-it notes?

Nevertheless, the service is really customisable (a ton of different colours and fonts are available) and has lots of different possibilities for for content. They enable uploading of photos and documents. You can also add to-do notes through the widgets at the bottom. The best part of the whole service is perhaps the networking and sharing of the stixyboard with your friends or colleagues.

Stixy works really nicely with both Safari and FF on the Mac. In services such as Stixy, the biggest barrier of use is really adoption (ironic, I know). But by adoption I mean how you can drive this sort of tool through in your organisation or group of friends as the real potential of the service is unleashed in network usage.

Work on Stixy is not that active, if you look at their blog and they only have a few people in the team (guessing by the contact page). Despite all this it’s a neat looking little app, but the real question is could this be something that agile companies could use to subsitute the real white board and post-it notes? Let me know what are your thoughts, especially those companies using these scrum-like methods?

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