TAMPERE, FINLAND/ PLANO, UNITED STATES – StealthCase Oy, a Finnish construction technology start-up, has won the Innovative Solution award for their new generation glass antenna at the 2020 Glass Focus Awards by British Glass, the representative body for the UK glass industry. The antenna was developed by StealthCase to allow wireless signals pass through window glass unattenuated, enabling improved indoor connectivity. The jury described StealthCase’s technology as “revolutionary”.

Janne Mansikkamäki (CEO) said: “We were excited to be shortlisted and appearing next to some of the best-known names in the industry so winning this award is truly a great honour for a young company like us. Windows can play a key role in improving indoor connectivity which is why we will continue to forge partnerships with glass fabricators internationally. We want to thank Pihla Group, our strategic partner in Finland with whom we developed Antenna Glass, the first real-life glass application of our technology, in 2019.”

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