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We’re working hard to build all kinds of value into our conference we’re organising in the autumn, Arctic15. One of these include a partnership with Helsinki based VC Zone. VC Zone Helsinki works together with venture capitalists and investors to find startups to invest in. We want to help in this naturally with our media reach.

So, if you’re a startup – sign-up using the form below to submit your company details to be forwarded to investors who will be coming to Arctic15. The details will be passed onto investors and they will pick the companies they’d like to meet. We, together with VC Zone Helsinki, will work to make those meetings happen. Naturally, all of this is free to the startups.

All you need to do is be in Helsinki on Friday 23rd of September (right after Arctic15) and willing to meet international investors. We suggest you use this opportunity even though you’re not currently looking for financing – it’s best to build those connections well before.

What requirements are there? None, all you need to do is fill out the form below and be in Helsinki on Friday the 23rd of September if the investors contact you for a meeting.

If you have any questions regarding this, send us an e-mail at info@arctic15.com. Also, make sure you get your tickets to the event, the early bird tickets are already sold out. Get your tickets here.

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