Startups: Here's What You Should Know About The Arctic15

    No one gets anything out of a stuffy conference, so we designed this year’s Arctic15 to provide a ton of real-world value for founders, CEOs, and C-level executives. We added a whole extra day for just founders and investors, and tailored that day’s speakers to provide practical value and start good conversations for those attending. The second day should really pop as well, as the whole community will be in attendance, the Arctic15 startup competition will be going on, and we’ll have more amazing speakers onstage.

    There’s a couple different ways to get into the conference, so here’s what you need to know about tickets, demo stands, and the startup competition (application deadline is coming soon!):

    If you are a founder, entrepreneur or a C-level executive, we encourage you to put in a quick application to the invite-only, exclusive first day event. It will be worth it. The ticket price is €250 for two days of action.

    Demo Booths
    Another way to get some tickets to the event is to get a Demo Booth. They are available for €750 and it includes a 2×2 metre spot at the venue with electricity, wireless internet connection, visibility on the partner page with a logo and company description. Demo booths are available for the second day only, but demo booth tickets will entitle you to enter the first day event as well.

    To pick out your spot before the rest are taken up, get in touch with us by emailing info(a)

    The Startup Competition.

    The August 31 deadline for the Arctic15 startup competition is fast approaching, so we would like to remind any Nordic or Baltic startup to apply. This year startups are applying by category, and the winner of each category will be onstage for the Arctic15 startup competition.

    The categories are:
    Best new mobile service idea (Tekes Tempo funded)
    Best product launch
    Best enterprise startup
    Best consumer startup
    Best gaming startup
    Best mobile startup
    Best new startup
    Best side project
    Best startup accelerator
    Best new recruit
    Best design
    Best marketing campaign
    Most deserved investment round of the year
    Best Nordic startup
    Best Baltic startup

    Applications can be submitted on the Arctic15 website. Please note that the competition is only open for Nordic and Baltic startups meaning your company will have to be registered in or one of the founders has to be from one of the following countries: Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania.

    Best new mobile service idea -category will be sponsored by Tekes Tempo, our platinum sponsor. This means that the winner of that category will be eligible for a conditional 50% financial support from Tekes to develop the idea further. More information on this can be found from the application form on

    Need to know anything else about the Arctic15?
    Then don’t hesitate to email us at info(a) See you October 17-18!