StartupBus Europe offers a ride to entrepreneurship

    The 72 hour road trip aims on launching a new startup on the go.

    StartupBus Europe, the annual startup competition originating from Silicon Valley, provides for the fifth time an interesting opportunity for 200 techies to experience the road trip of their lives. The aim of this year’s competition is to create the next breakthrough application on the way to Pirate Summit, held in Cologne. Buses depart towards the main event on 30th of August from Tallinn, Munich, Brussels, Bologna, Athens, London and Valencia.

    The organizers of StartupBus emphasize that the road trip has some serious bootcamp spirit, since the ‘buspreneurs’ have to create a new product, develop a functioning prototype and also have to validate the early customer demand for their product within just 72 hours of traveling.

    “This journey is crazy. You come across incredibly talented people, and get to build world-changing projects with them. We work hard, and play hard. And in the midst of it we forge lasting friendships, which link us to a global community of ‘buspreneurs’. Eventually, when you arrive back home feeling totally exhausted, your mind is clear and refreshed, ready to take on new exciting challenges with new people,” Rait Arro, the winner of StartupBus Europe 2013, describes the experience.

    While the teams will receive business development mentoring throughout the trip – the time pressure, building up a new team, bumpy roads and the spotty WiFi-connection will certainly give some extra spice for mastering the tasks.

    The winner of StartupBus Europe is announced after the road trip has reached it’s final destination on the 2nd of September, and the winning buspreneurs will receive sponsor prizes, international media coverage and networking opportunities with investors and advisors from all over the world.

    Do you think you have the stamina for this challenge – And you’re ready to join the alumni consisting of startups such as Instacart, Lisnr and Wastebits? The application period for the StartupBus is now open, and the deadline for the first phase is on the 26th of August. You’ll find more detailed information about the competition here.

    Our CoFounder Magazine is a media partner of Pirate Summit, so we’ll be sharing the latest issue of the magazine for all participating pirates – See you in Cologne!