Startup World Vs. Olympics: Help Paul Bragiel Reach The Olympic Stadium

    One thing that set’s entrepreneurs apart is that they don’t take “no” for an answer. At least not without giving it a serious fight first. The other thing is that they aim high, very high. Paul Bragiel, for instance, decided that he wants to participate in the Olympics and not being an athlete by the accepted standards, he started training to participate in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics as a cross-country skier. He even got a Colombian passport to do so and started a one-man skiing federation there. 

    Unfortunately, sometimes life throws a curve ball at entrepreneurs and Paul got very sick and missed some of his qualifying races, virtually eliminating his chances of achieving the Olympic goal.

    Yet, one man’s quest for a ridiculous childhood dream has now turned into something much bigger. Team Paul has turned into a movement, a group of friends, fans, acquaintances, strangers, journalists, even Hollywood producers – people who just got inspired by the madness of Paul!

    In short, ArcticStartup and other people who support Paul’s dream are not quite ready to give up. This led to the creating of the Team Paul Foundation, which helps kids around the world realize their dreams. Here’s where Team Paul is asking your support. 

We want to take the Olympics on and see how much pressure we can extend onto the International Olympic Committee, International Skiing Federation and important government officials.

    So if you share the feeling that kids should pursue their dreams, if you think that what this insane man is doing is inspirational, even though he did not qualify for the actual races, we ask you to join Team Paul and help find a way for him to be in the opening ceremonies. This would at least fulfill that part of his dream. More importantly, though, his appearance at the ceremonies would give more exposure to the Team Paul Foundation and positively impact fundraising.

    Please take a moment to post your support on your Twitter feed and on the Team Paul Facebook page. Share Paul’s crazy dream with your friends, strangers, everyone. Share this post with anyone who could help Paul — a friend of a friend who could know somebody at the Olympic Committee, the International Ski Federation, an athlete, your local government representative, a company sponsoring the Olympic or perhaps Putin. You are also more than welcome to send e-mail and snail mail to all of the above.

    If Paul can not go as an athlete, one way he could still go to the opening ceremony is through the coach/support slots that each country has. They also get to walk the stadium during the opening ceremony, so perhaps we can convince some country to sneak Paul in? Just think of the mad PR one would get by doing something like this?

    Just look at him go:

    Join Team Paul and pursue your wildest dreams. Thank you!