Startup Wise Guys Announces Winter '13 Teams

    The Startup Wise Guys: Part II is now in production. The Tallinn-based accelerator has taken in eight teams and is stepping on the gas pedal for the next three months with the help of 80 mentors and the #Estonianmafia. Their Winter ’13 batch includes teams from Russia, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Hungary, and Chile, and begun yesterday by talking to alumni, getting a tour of the city, and a welcoming party at Garage48 HUB.

    Below you’ll find a list of the accepted teams. Company descriptions have been provided by Startup Wise Guys.

    TheTakes reduces video production costs and execution timeframes by providing SaaS-based, project management and enterprise resources planning solutions for the video production sector.

    SportID will help to create a market between companies and gyms allowing which allows for a single marketing target for gyms while managing costs and payments to gyms for companies and their employees.

    Borrowl has created a system for tracking person items that people borrow and lend with one another. QR codes are used to create libraries of personal effects including automated reminders for borrowers.

    Biletu is a mobile app to pay between friends and avoid the awkwardness of the money/friends transactions, including, expenses, photos, audio and location.

    Fundblock is a multifaceted startup with a core focus on crowd-funding. Initial targets are creative industries such as film and music. However any startup, or business seeking to fund expansion, can engage in crowd-funding for their projects in exchange for defined levels of equity. is an online tool for budget management and financial planning that helps companies keep planned and actual costs under control. Budgets, contracts and invoices are all clearly organized and that makes financial data transparent for everyone involved.

    Liitu is an online procurement platform for companies, bringing together buyers and suppliers. It enhances the efficiency of procurement and makes the discovery of right business partners easier.
    Brickflow is an online tool that allows individuals to work together on in a collaborative digital environment. Friends and colleagues can work on a digital whiteboard using photo, video, and other multimedia to better coordinate creative projects.