Having attracted companies from Nairobi to Minsk, this spring Startup Sauna has been in the lookout for innovation from all around the world. With Demo Day approaching soon, it is the time to take a closer look at Startup Sauna’s spring batch.

“We traveled to 16 countries and 22 locations to meet startups through local VCs, startups hubs and co-working spaces” CMO of Startup Sauna Jan Bubienczyk explains. “Being nonprofit, Startup Sauna really wants to cater for the needs of startups. Since we have chosen startups from different verticals, we are working hard to find coaches that can help the startups the best” he continues.

Compared to the commercial accelerators, Startup Sauna is better able to experiment what works the best for startups. Having a rigorous feedback processes in place, startups are given a unique chance to develop throughout the program. But the support does not end here since even after the program startups get to enjoy of the benefits of extensive alumni network.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the gems Startup Sauna has discovered this spring:
Atmo, Budapest
Atmo brings augmented reality into board gaming. The animated game boards come with components such as dice and figures making gaming more exciting than even. Moreover, this Hungarian startup uses lighting and sound to create the perfect atmosphere.

CrocoDie, Moscow
CrocoDie gives protection against car evacuation and fines by sending you a warning SMS. If they fail to warn you, they will pay your fine and the expenses followed by the evacuation.

Emergence, Helsinki
Taival by Emrgence is eco friendly solar powered IoT location-based solution specifically targeted to remote areas. It can be used to improve efficiency of logistics, assure sea safety and for asset management. Powered by solar-energy, Taival is a low-cost, maintenance-free and energy self-sufficient.

Exponenta, Minsk
Have you ever wondered what it takes to write a viral piece of text? (I sure have). Exponenta uses artificial intelligence to predict viral potential of unpublished text and gives tips how to increase the amount of shares and readers.

Fansy Inc., Minsk
This is for you gaming enthusiastics out there! With the help of AI, Fansy Inc. creates video highlights of your game and adds annotations to it as well.This way you can go back to the most precise moments also after the game.

Hackmotion, Riga
Longing to take your snowboarding skills on another level? This wearable sensor will give you an instant feedback of your performance, helping. The feedback played in your headphones is given instantaneously and explains you what went wrong and how to correct it.

M-Lesson, Nairobi
M-Lesson believes that every child has a right to quality education. Thus they have created an SMS assessment platform, which provides parents an opportunity to overview their kids’ class performance. One does not even need an Internet connection to access the platform, making it available to a wide audience.

Panzerdog, Kaliningrad
Panzerdog is an innovative game developer, previously known for games such as Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf and Quiz Tales. Their current product Tacticool is a 5vs5 multiplayer shooter.

ReHaptix, Zurich
ReHaptix enables you to track your rehabilitation process from the comfort of your home. This invention gives you an access to clinically validated tests that measure upper limb impairments. Furthermore, you can monitor rehabilitation of arm and hand disabilities caused by stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

TenX, Singapore
TenX wants to change the way we think of transactions. That is way their Singapore-based  team is building the world’s first cryptographically-secure, off-chain, multi-asset, instant payment-network wallet.

Totem, Helsinki
Totem is determined to solve the bed bug problems of Finnish homes with its forward-looking heat treatment system. Their solution enables getting rid of bed bugs in a day and fights against bugs’ increasing pesticide immunity.

Trellius, Tomsk
Trellius in a calendar for Trello. It is an extension that that features Google Calendar functionality in Trello. But why this was not created by Trello itself? Will they want to acquire it or create a solution on their own?

VimAI, Helsinki
This startup is determined to bring augmented intelligence for people flow management. We are very curious to find out what that means precisely. Having started as Aaltoes’ research project, VimAI is an early stage startup with a team full of ambition.

Work Ahead, Helsinki
Value chains having become longer than ever, it is almost impossible to keep track of all the steps of the process. Work Ahead’s solution asks simple questions from your suppliers’ employees assessing working conditions and human rights. This way Work Ahead helps to measure and improve working conditions and social impact of your company.

Startup Sauna spring ’17 batch started on May, 2 and will end at the Demo Day at Startup Sauna on June, 16.

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