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Startup Sauna Accepts 20 Teams For Spring 2012

Spring is here, meaning a new crop of Startup Sauna teams have sprung up. The Helsinki-based program has continued to accept more teams over its 5 batches over the past 2.5 years. Antti Ylitmutka, one Wingman of the program says, “We are really excited, as not only we are a wide range of different cultures in our batch, but this is the biggest amount of teams that’s taking part in the program. Last year, we had about 15 teams per session. This year, we have 20! We have also expanded our coach network to accommodate such a group. These 20 teams as a group looks really determined, some of them are traveling very far to get here. ”

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Of the twenty teams, 8 teams are from Finland, 3 from Russia, 2 from China, 2 from Poland, 2 from Lithuania, and one each from Estonia, Italy, and the United States. Over 300 teams applied, making the acceptance rate about 6 percent. The program officially starts April 23rd, with the Demoday ending the program on June 7th.

Startup Sauna’s Captain, Ville Simola, is proud that the program is growing internationally. “For the first time, we have also included teams from Asia and North America. In terms of China, our strategy is to grow great networks to access the Asian market.”

The teams are from a wide variety of sectors such as web-­based companies, hardware/life science, gaming and education, crowdsourcing and renewable energy. Here’s the list:

Adduplex, Lithuania
An Advertising platform that cross promotes networks for Windows Phone Apps

Asqella, Finland
Technology to screening people for concealed weapons, explosives and other contraband at a distance of several meters.

Edukoala, Poland
A Mobile Game that allows foreign language learning.

Goodbuzz, Lithunia
Social marketing platform that accelerates word of mouth online and offline

HIT, Finland
A superior color X-­‐ray imaging camera that enables inspection of composed materials that is not feasible with a conventional technology.

iJudgeFights, China
Judging platform for the Mixed Martial Arts sports

Infogr.am Latvia
web-‐based data visualization applications for non-­designers to create professionally designed infographics and visualizations in minutes.

Invaasio, Finland
Creating a system to keep all your contacts updated and accurate.

JetTaxi, Russia
A mobile app to easily order a taxi.

Kiitos Technologies, United States
Crowd-­‐sourced interactive video tagging

Metrify, Finland
Collect and analyze data from games to find the most relevant patterns that drive engagement, retention & revenue

MNE Creations, China
Educational mobile games with a social awareness

Monsavile, Estonia
Developing e-­‐commerce platform, to provide simple and flexible sales-­‐tool for producers and brands of clothing, to bring tailor-­‐like service on-­‐line

Newergy, Finland
Predicts short-­‐term solar energy production and reshapes energy markets by providing optimization information to energy value chain actors.

Nordic Hug, Finland
NordicHug develops disinfection solutions for modern touch screen phones and tablets

OMyConf, Russia
Making events digital with the best SaaS platform for hosts and attendees of business events

Presefy, Finland
A revolutionary way to control your presentation using your smartphone!

Visual Sport, Italy
Crowdsourcing service to help sport enthusiasts collect, share and analyze stats during the game.

Wishop, Russia
Allows your shopping wish to come true by showing the customer only advertising on their mobile.

Zennis, Finland
An inexpensive solution for tracking and recording the movement of the ball and the players during a tennis match, which gathers a huge amount of interesting match data and statistics.

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