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Last weekend, Eric Ries the father of the Startup Lessons Learned blog, organised a Startup Lessons Learned conference. Why is this so important? The issues talked at that one day event are pretty much the new black in how startups should be built and run. The key issue is customer development and trying to avoid creating waste as much as possible. By waste, I mean unnecessary code, partnerships or whatever the end result of your work may be that was not needed for the success of the company.

The conference featured a wide variety of speakers with different backgrounds, but they all had more or less something in common – they had embraced the methodologies Eric Ries talks about. As the conference was a one day conference in San Francisco, not many of us could attend it. Hence, a practice that has gained ground in the recent years – live streaming, was a saviour to many. Aalto Entrepreneurship Society has put out a list of all the talks and the videos of them. This is a great way to spend a few hours of your weekend – having a look at the videos and widening your perspective on how startups can be run.

Opening Discussion & Welcome / Video
Eric Ries (@ericries)

Build Keynote: “To Agility, and Beyond” / Video
Kent Beck (@kentbeck)

Continuous Deployment Case Study/ Video
Ash Maurya, WiredReach (@ashmaurya)

Agile Development Case Study/ Video
Farb Nivi, Grockit (@farbood)

Case Study: “But Does it Scale?” / Video
IMVU (@imvuinc) / Tim Fitz (@timothyfitz), James Birchler (@jamesbirchler), Brett Durrett

But What About Design? / Video
Panel (Moderator: Dave McClure (@davemcclure), Andrew Chen (@andrew_chen), Siqi Chen (@blader), Zynga, Laura Klein (@lauraklein). Rashmi Sinha (@rashmi), SlideShare)

Minimum Viable Product Case Study / Video
Damon Horowitz, Max Ventilla, Aardvark

Pivot Case Study / Video
Ethan Bloch, Dan Martell / Flowtown

Pivot Case Study / Video
Hiten Shah / KISSMetrics

Customer Development 2.0 / Video
Steve Blank (@sgblank)

Is Customer Development Marketing? Food on the Table Case Study / Video
Manuel Rosso(@manuelrosso)

Customer Development Case Study: Dropbox / Video
Drew Houston(@drewhouston)

Customer Development Case Study: PBWorks / Video
David Weekly(@dweekly)

Customer Development Panel: “But Who Should Actually Get Out of the Building?” / Video
Panel (Moderator: Sean Ellis (@seanellis), 12in6, Cindy Alvarez (@cindyalvarez), KISSMetrics David Binetti (@dbinetti), Votizen, Brant Cooper (@brantcooper), Market By Numbers, Matt Johnson, (@matjohnson Grockit)

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