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The world that we live in is becoming more open by the hour. Globalization is hitting the world of startups, especially when it comes to the use of API’s that more and more startups choose to build their businesses around. Some either use other companies API’s, such as Google or Twitter, to build their business around and others open up their systems to their customers to see what they can come up with. 

Either way, this is a growing trend and a new event has popped up to help learn more about it. Dopter and Twobo Technologies have come together to organize an event known as Nordic API’s in Stockholm, where the leading thinkers on the matter gather and share their thoughts and experiences.

We’ve become big fans of startup events that provide real value, and that seems to be the case after looking over thier first ever event that was held last March in Stockholm. You can check out the videos from the event here and download the slides here.

Inspired by the feedback from the first event and smaller events that followed, the organizers decided to hold one more Nordic API’s event on the 18th – 19th of September in Stockholm and ArcticStartup will be there to check it out.

The event will host speakers like John Musser and Adam DuVander from ProgrammableWeb, Kin Lane of API Evangelist, Paul Madsen of Ping Identity and many other respected members of the API movement.

They will speak on topics such talks as “How Open is Your API Future” and “Using API’s for Better Business Partnerships” in addition to which, there will be an “unconference” on the second day of the event.

Previous events sold out very quickly and had a waiting line, so we suggest to make your decision sooner rather than later. To help with the matter, you can follow this link, which has a pre-filled promotional code that will give you 50% off on the second ticket.

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