sTARTUp Day: First Speakers Announced

sTARTUp Day 2020 kicks off for the 4th time on 23rd to 25th of January in Tartu, Estonia. The startup festival, which brings together 4000 attendees and over 100 world-class speakers is now revealing the first talks from the program.

One of the most awaited speakers is Laura Dekker from the Netherlands who is the youngest person ever to sail around the world. She purchased her first sailboat and started the trip at the age of 14. You can follow her adventures in a documentary called Maidenship. In her presentation, she will talk about her journey and the obstacles she had to overcome during and even before the trip trying to convince the Dutch government that she could to do this.

Laura Dekker at TEDx Youth

Keith Siilats, the CTO & Co-Founder of Bolt Mobility is also on the list of sTARTUp Day 2020 speakers. He was originally part of the scandalous Fyre music festival organizing team but quit the job when he realized the incompetence of the management. You can see him in Netflix produced a documentary about the failure of the Fyre Festival. He has spent a significant part of his career on Wall Street and has a BA/MA in Economics from Cambridge University.

“In addition to offering a strong program we aim to always surprise our guests,” said Marili Vihmann, the head organizer of sTARTUp Day. “There will be new functional areas like speed-dating, and the green energy area as well. Our goal is to take a big step forward as an eco-friendly festival mindset.”

In addition to that, sTARTUp Day will present exciting data from Metallica concert, that Tartu hosted this summer. The concert attracted more than 65k visitors. The city of Tartu Government decided to gather all the data connected with this event. They looked at everything from mobile positioning to bank card payments and from air quality measurements to bike-sharing movements. Come see their findings on January 23-25.

Early Bird tickets are available until the 20th of September. The tickets include 3-day festival pass, access to all the seminars, side events, and afterparties. Get your ticket:

The festival is organized by Tartu city, University of Tartu, Tartu Science Park, Contriber, Tartu Centre of Creative Industries, Tartu Biotechnology Park, Tartu Business Advisory Services, Ole Rohkem, and Swedbank.