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Stardoll states itself as the largest online community for girls who love fashion. Indeed, it’s getting very big. Last night we caught a retweet by Henrik Torstensson, a former SVP of strategy at Stardoll, stating that Stardoll is getting close to acquiring its 100 millionth member. We got in touch with Stardoll and they stated that they’re not there yet, but getting close.

Stardoll is Sweden based company running a service by the same name, where users can choose paper dolls and dress them in different ways. On top of this, there are lots of small community features and competitions to drive use and deeper engagement. To celebrate the 100 millionth member, Stardoll has come up with a whole new set of clothes, attire and other “goodies”, as they themselves put it.

Stardoll creates revenue by selling virtual currency, which can be used to buy clothes and other items in the service. During the financial year ending December 2009, the company generated already more than 10 million euros in revenue, approximately a 63% increase over 2008.

While Facebook and Twitter seem to be all the hype, there are really solid internet companies being build out of Northern Europe as well. It takes a little effort to find them, but they are there and in addition to creating revenue, creating a whole new generation of entrepreneurs.

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