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Star Arcade, launching today, is a new gaming community from Finland, aimed at the next billion mobile phone users. Star Arcade’s primary markets are around the world, in India, South America, Far East and Africa. The company has been founded by Harri Myllylä and Jonne Castrén. Harri Myllylä was one of the founders behind Openbit Oy, a company marketing and developing mobile payment and DRM solution. The company was sold to a publicly listed Indian company in 2008. Jonne Castrén is one of the founders of 3D Arts Oy, a creator of mobile games.

The community has been in beta for the last three months. During this time, they have attracted a couple of hundred thousand users from around the world – mainly their primary market and received lots of valuable feedback from them. The company has offices in Finland, UK and West Africa.

“We are completely focused on building a large global community of mobile social gamers interacting across borders playing entertaining multiplayer games. We want users to have the opportunity to make new acquaintances, who they can play with or invite their existing community of friends. Star Arcade wants to retain consumers and build brand loyalty by continuing to deliver new sticky games, social entertainment and interactivity.” Harri Myllylä concluded.

Star Arcade’s games are currently available in the Ovi Store, iTunes App Store, Android Market or GetJar. The games also claim to work on less advanced phones and only use an internet connection to register the user with Star Arcade (and download the game of course).

Star Arcade plans to make money through a freemium business model, where it offers the games for free and the offers the choice of paying small premiums for some games. Most of the games will be advertiser funded as well. The company received its first investment from an investor group in Africa after the founders shared their vision of creating the world’s largest mobile social gaming brand for the developing world.

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