SQUARE ROOT will ship regardless of its Kickstarter results

    Professional loudspeaker for true musicians SQUARE ROOT has its Kickstarter campaign at 64% mark and only 24h to go. However, they will produce and ship the product regardless of the amount raised.

    SQUARE ROOT is a professional reference-grade near-field loudspeakers that are linear both in frequency and time domain, aimed primarily at musicians recording, rehearsing and creating music at their homes.

    The team behind SQUARE ROOT, Latvian startup Square Audio, has already launched a successful premium product Square One earlier this year. SQUARE ROOT is an attempt to make the essential features of Square One available to the wider audience. We have covered their Kickstarter launch here.

    SQUARE ROOT did relatively well on Kickstarter, with 44 backers contributing $24,926, which is 64% of its total goal. With 24h left till the end of the campaign, the team acknowledges that the campaign is unlikely to be funded. This is what Square Audio co-founder Viesturs Balodis wrote to me today:

    We see that there is a minimal chance in reaching our goal but regardless we have decided to make SQUARE ROOT real and to keep our promises we gave to the people backing us on KICKSTARTER.

    Now this is what we call real commitment to your customers. What this promise effectively means, is that you can be certain of your shipment as if the campaign was already funded, but you can still get SQUARE ROOT at the special price if you support the campaign within the next 24 hours.

    After the campaign ends, SQUARE ROOT will be available for direct pre-ordering at the website of Square Audio (www.square.audio).