Spotify Updates iPhone App With New Interface

    Spotify has just overhauled its iPhone app interface, making it more similar to their Android version. Gone now is the bottom bar that was responsible for much of the navigation. Instead now everything has moved over to the side bar accessable by a button on the top left.

    The app feels fast and responsive, making this update an nice addition, even though it takes some getting used to. Despite these updates, the app is still missing some features like Related Artists, and the search results still force you to dig down into tracks, albums, and artists, which is tricky when you only know half of a song’s name, but you do know the artist.

    If anything, the App’s interface feels like Facebook’s after the update, but it seems logical as the list view will allow them to expand the app’s funcitionality in the future. Another nice thing is the “now playing” bar that stay’s present at the bottom of the screen. You can navigate through playlists and albums by swiping left or right, or just pause it right there. Swiping up from the bar then brings you to the classic Now Playing album art view.

    While this is a fairly large UI update at the end of the day it’s still just a 0.6 update. There are likely a few more features that can be thrown into the mix before we hit 1.0