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TechCrunch reports that Spotify has signed an exclusive deal with the Finnish side of TeliaSonera. The two year deal will give TeliaSonera the exclusive rights to sell Spotify Premium in Finland. The announcement comes on the same day as TeliaSonera unveils its IPTV service that is complete with a certain selection of television channels, video rentals and Spotify Premium. Spotify signed a similar contract with the Swedish side of TeliaSonera last year and it seems that the deal was worthwhile as the Finnish side of TeliaSonera also went forward with the partnership.

The service offering from TeliaSonera is a direct competitor to Elisa Viihde, while it does not allow recording of television shows that are available in Elisa Viihde. At the moment Sonera Home Television is available to approximately 300 000 of its subscribers that have Sonera optical connection. The service will later be available to those households that are able to handle 24 Mb/s connections by more traditional means. There are about 1.3 million households that fall into this group.

These deals are extremely important for Spotify to grow its reach into the more traditional consumer base. It remains to be seen how the service is adopted there, but its certainly worth the try in the form of partnerships like these.

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