Spotify Sails Closer To US, Signs Deal With Sony

    Europe’s most popular music streaming service, Spotify is finally edging closer to cross the ocean and land into the US market with rumors of it attempting to sign deals with major labels in the US market. Last week Peter Kafka hinted that it might have struck the cords with Sony US. This will be a distribution deal and wouldn’t necessarily steer clear Spotify to invade the US market.

    A totally free music streaming service is never going to be accepted in the US market and this had been mentioned earlier in our post on Spotify. However if Spotify is able to offer users in the region a totally different way to stream music, it might just have a chance to step in the region. I am talking about a subscription based model, where users can benefit from a few hours of free music streaming each month.

    Anyways we are not going to get into the details of this and hope that the deal is not a rumor and that both Spotify and Sony have figured a way out to pave a path for Spotify to make inroads in the US market. I think if a couple more can be at ease with Spotify, music lovers in the US might actually see the service enter the region soon enough. I am just a bit skeptical about this happening anytime soon because the music labels in the US give me the vibes of grumpy old men, always finding issues with even the best and most successful business (I might be wrong though).

    via RWW