Spotify Releases Web Player In Public Beta

    Spotify has released is web player as a public Beta in the UK, now allowing you to pull up Spotify on your lame office computer or at your friend’s house – wherever you’ve got the internet but the client isn’t installed. This added functionality puts them in more direct competition with all the web playing giants, like Denmark’s Rdio, Rhapsody, and Grooveshark.

    The app is nice to look at, but some notable features are missing – such as apps, playlist grouping, and social features. Much of the navigation and UI is hidden in pop-up boxes, which feel different from Google or Facebook’s smoother navigation, but is easy enough to use.

    Overall the overall look and feel is very similar to the desktop version, but fresh. Last week we covered Spotify’s iOS UI update, Seeing these new products together, you can see a similar direction in UI, making us curious if or when the client will have a major update.

    Despite it being a UK public beta, I know you’re likely eager to test it out. So follow these instructions on CNET to enable it right away.