Spotify Makes Up For Lack Of Browser Apps With "Discover" Feature

    Spotify’s browser client seems pretty cool, even though the last time I opened it was to write an article about its launch, which for better or worse I’m always around a computer with the Spotify app loaded. Today they just launched a “Discover” page, that is worth taking a look at if you need an excuse to check out the browser app again. To find it, just hop on over to

    The discover page has decent enough features for music discovery. For example it nicely presents songs, playlists, and artists you might be interested in, and seems to be fairly smart about what I should catch my ear. The discover page also serves music news from Tungio, showing the first signs of the acquisition. The page has endless scroll, so if you’re looking for some new jams, it’s easy to scroll down, and then click and hold on any play buttons to quickly preview tracks.

    The browser app feels like a lonely place as it lacks the apps and social feed, but it’s only been live since March. It will be interesting to see if Spotify ports any sort of discover feed to the main client, or if they leave it all to third party developers. That, and if developers will get access to build apps for the browser client.