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TechCrunch has heard from their sources that apparently DST, the Russian originated investment company, is in talks with Spotify to close a large funding round. While all this is still unconfirmed, the round could be valued at $100 million. In total, the company has raised financing of over $80 million to this day. Having followed DST somewhat closely here at ArcticStartup, this would strike more of a natural continuum for DST instead of something out of the blue.

DST has invested with high valuations in large rounds to some of the most popular internet properties out there. To date, they own shares in Facebook, Zynga and Groupon to just name a few. DST is also an owner in Mail.ru, which IPO’d in London late last year. Mail.ru in order owns internet properties such as Odnoklassniki and ICQ. Just Friday we wrote about the partnership with Odnoklassniki and Groupon.

If indeed Spotify is in talks with DST about an investment round, I think it would have many benefits with the deal instead of simply cash. Russia isn’t exactly the optimal market for music companies to do business in, but it’s e-commerce is booming. November Last year we reported that the Russian e-payments market is already gathering volume of about 1 billion euros (figures for 2009). If these indeed hold true, there are possibilities and chances a service like Spotify just might fly in Russia.

All this is naturally speculation as these talks are simply rumours at this stage. However, with all the ownership DST has in high flying online properties, there might be a lot of reasons for Spotify to accept into such a deal.