Spotify And SoundCloud Winning At The Europas

    the europasThe Europas, the inaugural TechCrunch Europe Awards 2009 for European and EMEA tech companies, were held last night in London, UK. Nordic and Baltic countries had a rather strong representation among the nominated startups and consequentially took home no less than 5 out of 15 categories. But these five wins did not scatter around just any startups. Four out of the five were taken home by Spotify and the fifth one belonged to SoundCloud, which has also its roots in Sweden just as Spotify does.

    So Sweden truly lead the Northern European pack and really were an example to the whole Europe: Spotify not only took home 5 wins, but more impressively won Best New Startup, Summer 2008-2009, Best Startup Founder(s) and Best Web Application Or Service (EMEA) as well as was given the The Europas Grand Prix award by the 19 expert advisors, which included some industry movers and shakers and which I had a privilege to be included in (consider this as my disclosure). SoundCloud on its part won the Best Entertainment Application or Service (EMEA).

    So according the Europas, if there’s a startup to aspire in the Old Continent, that would be Spotify. I would guess everyone who has tried he service agrees with the outcome. At least I do. Spotify really does work. Spotify is an example for the rest of the Europe (despite being still rather young company) and something that can go head on with the best that the US has to offer, and win.

    Congratulations to both companies. You rock! You can find all the other winners here.